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    Unanswered: Multiple statements in resultset not working

    Hi everyone,

    I have a JSP web form that ties into a database. I am trying to process to statements inside a resultset loop, but cannot get it to work. I looks relatively simple, but I don't understand it. Can someone show me how or what I am doing wrong or how this could be fixed? I appreciate it. -Regards.

    Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();

    String id = request.getParameter("ID");

    resultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(" SELECT * FROM myTable1 WHERE id='skjones' ");

    while( {
    String name = rs.getString("USERNAME");
    String location = rs.getString("REGION");

    stmt.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO myTable2 (EMPLOYEE, SITE) VALUES (' + name + , + location + ) );


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    When you use the Statement again your ResultSet disappears (or rather is filled with the results of the new statement you executed, in this case nothing).

    Create a new Statement for your updates.

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