Formula for Effective Data Management: Availability, Flexibility, Mobility and Security
BA Architect is a solution that offers much more than a unified platform for your end-user database applications . It offers a set of RAD procedures to create database applications in less than 15 minutes . By implementing Microsoft.NET technology it both makes individual applications programmable and enables creation of integrated GUI application in short time and without code writing. Instead of manually writing create/retrieve/update/delete code, BA Architect automatically generates complex business requests which are used to handle concurrency issues and introduce business logic into data maintenance. Flexibility of .NET technology leaves space for your custom event handlers and scripts.

BA Architect Features at a Glance

  • Ability to create a simple user interface (GUI) for databases or complex database applications using RAD tools
  • Fully-fledged corporate solutions and commercial applications in less than 15 minutes without code writing and form designing
  • Unified application platform
  • Any existing database (MS Access, SQL Server or Oracle) can be used. Data tables and relations can be imported automatically from the data source.
  • Automatic generation and update of display and edit forms
  • Built-in report designer allows you to create reports of any complexity
  • Easy application migration to a new data source
  • On-line analysis and graphical tools (OLAP cube)
  • Customizable menus and toolbars with skin support like in Microsoft Office.
  • An inventory application sample

Availability and Pricing
BA Architect runs under Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000/2003 platforms and costs 149 USD. All registered users are entitled to free lifetime technical support. A trial version is available for download at .


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