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    Unanswered: percentage format problem

    Hi, I have set up a field in a form for a percentage. when I enter "70" i get a display of "7000.00%". when I enter ".45" for 45% it displays "0.00%".

    The question is this, can I format the field in the underlying table so a person can type "45" and display "45.00%" ?


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    The key is in what you just said. You want a DISPLAY format, not a data storage format. Store your values as a decimal, do the math on them while they're getting stored, then display them as you wish.

    You're setting yourself up for all sorts of horrific arithimatical errors if you store a percentage as anything but the decimal value it represents.
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    hio there;

    you can format it the percentageto achieve the following results:

    when .70 is inputted 70% is displayed
    when 1 is inputted 100% is displayed
    when 10 is inputted 1000% is displayed
    When .45 is inputted 45% is displayed and so on....

    set your field to numberr
    field size = decimal
    format = percent

    hope it helps

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    thanks for your help!!!!!!!

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