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    I would like to know if someone could help me in the following problem

    I'm making a database for a hardware store, and i need to make an iventory regarding paints, tools, machines, and others.

    I had in mind setting up:
    one table with the common aspects of the items (id, prices, etc) ,
    one table in which the type of the hardware is indicated (id, discription)
    4 other tables, regarding the specific components of each product
    ex: table for paints would have (id, capacity, colour, and so on)

    I would like to know how can i do this and how do I implement this sort of thought in the relationship builder within ms access 2000

    The other thing regards the security isue. I was asked to create a user name / password system to protect the managing area of the database .

    Thanks for reading

    Best Wishes

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    Grand idea with regards to the db:

    The table set up sounds fine; i'd make sure that any "option" fields such as hardware type maybe, are in thier own seperate table as it is eaier to add additional options (types) in the future.

    With the Items tables id personally;

    Item name:
    Item Type (from another table):
    Item Description:
    Item purchase cost:

    Then you'd need a types table


    You may also need additional tables to handle Sales, and purchases.

    Also, i have a multi user-multi menu login system, pm me if you need it and i'll zip it up and send it you.

    sometimes simple is best.... and i'm just a simple fellow.

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