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    Unanswered: Change the Language of message box

    Hi everybody
    I want to know how I can change the language of the massage boxes in oracle data base. For example I have a database with Arabic language, how I can see messages in English form.
    Im so thankful if you can help me

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    If you're talking about the language in which Oracle messages are displayed, then you can modify your NLS_LANG environment variable. It is made of 3 parts :


    LANGUAGE : the language in which Oracle messages are dirsplayed (the part you seem to be interested in right now)

    TERRITORY : impacts local date format, default sort operations, default timezone...

    CHARSET : The client character set. Oracle uses this value to convert string data from the DB character set to the Client character set so that these data are correctly interpreted and displayed by the client.

    For example :

    FRENCH_FRANCE.WE8ISO8859P1 (west european latin-1)
    ARABIC_ALGERIA.AR8ISO8859P6 (ISO 8859-6 Latin/Arabic)

    Here is the list of supported languages and here is the list of supported territories.

    HTH & Regards,

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