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    Red face Unanswered: Error : The expression you entered has a function name that MS Access can't find :(

    While trying to create forms with a condition : Lets say
    Client Name : Text 1
    Client Tel : Text 2
    For Tel Number there is a condition ( Not to be left empty by the data input personal )
    and after building the required query for it , then getting to Macro to build it
    i write the following :

    notisnull([text2].[Value]) action : open query
    isnull([text2].[Value]) action Msgbox

    to the best of my knowledge this suppose to mean if text 2 is not empty then open the query to add . and if it is empty then give a warning msg ..

    After save and running the form to add details
    I am facing the following , with or without entering the tel number .
    "The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Access can't find "

    Am i doing the correct thing or writing correct thing to the Macro ? or where is my mistake ?
    Please advise urgentlyy

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    If IsNull(Me.text2) = False Then
    open query
    Msgbox"Warning Message"
    End If


    IIF(IsNull(Me.text2) = False,Open Query,MsgBox"Warning Message")

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