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    Toad for Oracle Help

    I am switching from SQL Navigator to Toad for Oracle 8.6. I want to know how I can use the following functionality in Toad. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Multiple cell selection
    I want to select multiple cells from SQL results in the same fashion as used in Excel or SQL Navigator. Currently I can only select and copy only one cell at a time.

    2. Column name copy
    I cannot copy column headers from SQL results either in Data Grid of SQL Editor or in Schema Browser. I have seen an older version of Toad where users can copy column names by one click on the column header, which then pops up a small window with a copyable column name. It strikes me odd to see my Toad not supporting this functionality. Is it a setup issue?

    3. Manual dataset editing
    In Schema Browser, I cannot manually edit the dataset. Attempts at pasting data into Schema Browser grids result in the following error message: "qryData: Cannot modify a read-only dataset." I don't suppose this error is caused by inadequate table definition since I can update the table in question with SQL scripts run at SQL Editor.

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    When the Datagrid comes up, right click. Choose Datagrid options to answer all three of your questions (Select "Immediate on Edit" to be able to edit the records, Select "Multiselect" for more than one row...). I love Toad (for DDL scripting like adding partitions, adding tablespace etc). but for developing and reporting pl-sql developer of allround automations is nicer. and quicker/less resource sapping than toad.

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    Thank you, duul.

    I could set Multi Select (1) and Immediate Edit (3) but still fumbling with colomn name copy. I changed the setup so a double click on a column header now pops up a small window for sort options. However, the column name is not copyable.

    Is there still more settings I have missed out or, alas, I am looking for something non-existent in the current version?

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