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    Unanswered: Invalid Batch Value Exception

    Hi Guys ,

    I have been trying to insert more than 20.000 records at the same time into table

    For Performance Tuning , So i decided to use Batch Update Something like below

    PreparedStatement pstmt = value;

    for(int i=0;i<100000;i++)
    { pstmt.setString(1,somevalue);

    At The end of for loop i plan to execute all
    using pstmt.executeUpdate()

    But along the way i hit "Invalid Batch Value exception."
    i was told there is a limitation in Oracle Thin Driver to addBatch()
    Is there any way for us to increase the batch value to highest possible value.
    How much exactly the current setting in Oracle for this batch value?
    i was told around 16000++?


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    >But along the way i hit "Invalid Batch Value exception."
    AFAIK, this is NOT an Oracle error but a Java error.
    The batch value cannot exceed 16383 when using the Oracle Thin Driver 10g. Platform ...
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    Thanks for the clue,
    u mention About Oracle Thin Driver 10g , how about if i use 9i?
    Should be the same right? cannot exceed 16383?

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    I can't imagine that Oracle would have degraded the driver in 10G, so would expect the limit to be the same or lower in 9i

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    really for oracle 9.0 20 000 is ok. I found failure only on Oracle 10.

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