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    Question Unanswered: HELP! Auto Fill - Combo Boxes

    I am currently trying to create a "auto-fill" combo box - in a form (Name: Student Data Entry).


    I need the combo box (Name:Squadron/Branch) to lookup the information from a different table (Name: Squadron/POC Relation List)

    I need the "After Update" on the (Squadon/Brach) combo box - to fill in the remaining information, depending on what Squadron/Branch I enter.

    I also need all the information stored in the main table.

    I am a complete dork - when it comes to the visual basic code. Please Help!

    Thanks in advance...

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    Welcome to the forum.

    setup a form that displays the info on the main table (a wizard will do this for you). Add a combo box (making sure the wizards are turned on) and make it "find the related record on my form" as you go through the wizard.

    good luck,

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    First, let me thank you for you reply.

    I previously tried this approach, but the remaining data still does not show up.

    I also have the Main Table (Student Data Entry) and the table it gonna pull data from linked with a "one-to-many" relationship.

    I've also sent a query that pulls the data just fine. When I enter the main data in the query, the remain informaiton automatically fills in.

    But, when I go into the main Form (Student Data Entry), I can't get the actions to work.

    So, I thought - that I was going to be stuck using a combo box option. which, I really don't want to use - if possible.

    Any ideas?

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