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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Hi all,

    I am a Clipper programmer (maybe a little bit old language, but unique I have never learned...)

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    Great zot! Once upon a long ago (like 198x to 199x) I was a Clipper programmer, and I still remember quite a bit of it. I haven't even thought about it for ages, until recently, but it appears that Clipper is resurfacing here at DBForums, so I might need to put my "Clipper hat" once again.

    So, what genre of Clipper interests you? I speak all of the variants from Autumn 86 through 5.x, which of them interests you? What sort of database programming are you trying to do using Clipper?


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    I am actually using 5.01, but I just moved to 5.3
    My Only concernis that there is not documentation (like scanned PDF....)
    Also I have not found any info about CLDR that seems not work....

    Btw, I will trybto find some info on the comp.lang.clipper forum.....

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