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    Unanswered: prerequisites for installing of sybase

    What are the most important task to be perform before sybase installation

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    Willy is on vacation
    "To read the Sybase Installation Manual"

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    Angry what are 3 imp task before sybase installation

    Please let me know

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    These are some of the steps you can follow but i strongly suggest you follow you read the installation guide depending on the platform you want to install sybase on.Some basic steps on a unix box are:

    1)create a login as sybase which automatically creates a Home directory on the unix box.

    2)Mount the cd rom from where you are going to install sybase.

    3)Use the sybload executable to download the sybase binaries from the cdrom to your home directory.

    4)Then use the studio installer to start installing ASE.

    Now these are just basic Installation steps so dont follow them blindly.

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