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    Unanswered: Upgrade DB2 instance from WSE to ESE

    I have a DB2 UDB Server V8.1 WSE for AIX. Now, I want to upgrade the DB2 instance from WSE to ESE (64-bits).

    It seems to me that the command "db2iupdt" can change the instance from 32-bits (WSE) to 64-bits, but this command does not have option to change the instance from WSE to ESE.

    So, do I need to drop the existing WSE instance and then recreate the instance (by db2icrt) with the instance type (ESE) and wordwidth (64 bits)?

    Pls advise.


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    Hi Wong

    As far as I'm informed the only distinction between
    WSE and ESE is the amount of processors allowed

    So the way to go to ESE is buying a license for more
    than 2 processors and using the db2licm command to
    update your licenses

    You can use the -? switch to see options

    After OR before that you can update your instance or create
    a new one concurrently for test purposes - you can run 32 and 64
    bit instances on the same machine

    Good Luck
    Kristian K. Hansen
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    National Board of Health

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