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    Unanswered: exporting data subset


    I want to export a subset of a table and any information (from other tables)that is referenced in the first table.

    Imagine that I have a table named BOOK and another named AUTHOR.
    A colunm in BOOK references the author, which is in the table AUTHOR.

    I want to export a subset of books, and the authors of these books.

    Is it possible to do it using the "exp" command?

    Thans in advance,

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    In Oracle 10g (I'm not sure about 9i, but am quite certain that earlier versions don't support this option) you can use QUERY parameter in export command line mode. Check it here.

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    As a work-around, you may want to consider creating a materialized view of your query criteria and then export just the materialized view table.

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