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    Unanswered: Oracle or Access

    I was wondering what some advantages are from using an Oracle database compared to Microsoft Access database.
    My company is considering the migration from Access to Oracle.
    Any suggestions?


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    There surely are pros and contras, but you gave too few information; why would you migrate? Are you not satisfied with Access any longer? If so, why? How large is your database? How many concurrent users do you have?

    Do provide more details to get a better answer.

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    Access works best as a single-user, desktop app. Although multi-user support was added, it has never worked well in supporting multiple users, nor should Access be used in any sort of "mission critical" application, as it's just not reliable enough, per Microsoft.

    Oracle is an enterprise level realtional database system that is server-based. Unlike Access, which is file based, a service runs on the database seerver, handling all data requests by the client. This service is optimized for its task, and can be much more effecient in providing data than Access can possibly be. For instance, if you have a large table, and you need a single record from it, An oracle query can filter the data at the server, and only pass the single record to the client. With Access, at best, the entire index must be passed from the data file to the client, and only then can the record be copied. At worst, the entire table must be copied from data file to client.

    In addition Oracle supports a whole array of features that Access cannot dream of supporting. Stored Procedures. Triggers. Sequences. Point-in-time recovery. Full transaction control. Terrabyte sized databases. Reliability. Stability with concurrent users.

    However, Oracle does require a lot of expertise to install and maintain.

    Comparing the two is like comparing a rusty Yugo to a new BMW. Both have 4 wheels and are classified as automobiles, and both will usually get you from point A to point B.

    Take a look HERE for a discussion of choosing a database product.

    If you want to get a better feel for what a database server offers, download a copy of PostgreSQL from PostgreSQL.Org (it's totally free) and play with it.
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    There is another option.

    Depending on your need, skillset, Budget, and potiential data delivery.

    I currentally support Oracle, SQL Server and Aaugh Access databases.

    I find
    Oracle to be more robust
    Sql to be easier to pick up for novices more point and click database functions.
    Access is access.

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    Thats funny - I was going to use the exact same car analogy that loquin used. Access being the Kia or Daewoo and Oracle being a Lamborghini or other car of similar magnitude. They both have an engine and drive but the similarities stop there.

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