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    Hi everybody,
    I want to import data from different server.

    According to my system. when we sell anything to our customer we upload all the information to webserver from our local server. This job we are doing it manually right now. but i want to upload the information automatically. when my agents sell something and they submit as sell i want to send a copy of information to my webserver automatically. Is there any trigger which can insert data into different server or schedule which can import data from different server. Please help me

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    read BOL about trigger,if u want immediate update to ur webserver.
    Or u can write procedures and schedule it,check BOL schedule job.
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    I try to steer clear of triggers which operate outside the scope of the database. Consider using the trigger to populate a staging table of changes, and then running a scheduled job to load those changes to your destination database. This setup is more tolerant of system disruptions.
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