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    Unanswered: create & import .001 file


    I have to build a server (on windows 2000) with DB2 7.2 for a new project.
    I'm a beginner on DB2, so excuse me if some questions are ridiculus ..

    The install of DB2 has been successful, no problems.
    But now, I have to create database and import a .001 file.

    - 1st Step : create databases.
    Well, with the command lines, I types "create database MYDATABASE". but it doesn't ask me login & password .. Why ?

    - 2nd step : import files .001
    When I try to import the files, I get a message saying that the file is not good.

    Please, if you can help me, I would be really happy.


    ps : I'm sorry for my bad english, I hope you will understand

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    First of all DB2 version 7.x for windows is no longer being supported by IBM. You should seriously consider upgrading to V8.2.

    1) The reason you did not have to enter a username-password when creating the database is that you are already attached to the instance. You would have to be just to be able to issue the create DB command successfully. And that is all the connectivity you need to create a database.

    2) Please post the statement you are using to import the data as well as the exact error message. If you want help you have to give us as much detailed information as possible.


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    When I try to import the file with "Client configuration assistant", I have this message :

    "The selected profile could not be read.
    CCA3003N The format of the file is not valid.
    For additional information, press the help button. Correct the problem described in the help message and retry."

    The help message is :

    " CCA3003N The format of the file is not valid.
    Explanation: An error was encountered reading from a file. The
    format of the file is not valid. Possible errors include:
    o The file contains invalid data.
    o The file does not contain expected data.
    o The order of the data in the file is incorrect.
    User Response: If a file name was specified, and the file has
    been modified by the user, regenerate the file and retry the
    operation. If the problem persists, and the file was not modified
    by the user, or the problem occurred during a Discover request,
    turn trace on and retry the steps that caused the error. If the
    problem reoccurs, save the trace information to a file and
    contact IBM Support with the following information:
    o Problem description
    o Message number
    o Trace file
    o File which is causing the error if a file name was specified "

    Perhaps it's not the good way to import this kind of files ?

    For your information, I'm used to DB like Oracle or Mysql, it's the first time I have a look at DB2.

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    Using the "Import" in the "Client Configuration Assistant" (CCA) is not the way to import data into the database. This is for setting up the directories for the DB2 nodes and databases that the client can connect to. The only files you can "import" here are ones that you "exported" from the CCA in the first place. I have also always had problems with V7.x in actually getting that to work properly anyway. If you are trying to import data, then use the "Control Center".


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