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Thread: db2icrt command

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    Unanswered: db2icrt command

    I have a DB2 UDB V8.2 for AIX Server and I want to create a ESE (64-bit) instance. I know that ESE supports both single partition and multiple partitions instance. How can I create a single partition ESE instance like WSE? I can only specify the instance type to ese in the db2icrt command, but not about single partition or multiple partitions.

    If I specify ese in the db2icrt command, then I'll have a "db2nodes.cfg" file which specifies a single logical partition, something like that (0 devucab1854 0).

    The problem occurs if I've implemented HACMP for failover, the failover server does not have the same hostname as the primary server (i.e. devucab1854 ), then I failed to restart the instance.

    So, is there any way to make the ESE instance without the db2nodes.cfg, something like WSE?

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    Not sure if there is an option in DB2 ...

    But HACMP should be able to handle this I guess ... Say, for example, if you have multiple partitions, you can configure HACMP ..

    sorry that I'm not being of much help

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    I guess if I create a ESE instance, then there must have a db2nodes.cfg file no matter it is single partition or multiple partitions.

    Anyway, I find that I can use ip address instead of hostname in the db2nodes.cfg. So, I can quote the service ip address in the db2nodes.cfg and I believe it will work on the HACMP environment.

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