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    Unanswered: Metalink Search = 1995 Technology

    I normally don't make this sort of post, but I have been an Oracle DBA for almost 10 years, and while Metalink is an extremely valuable tool, its major weak point is its search engine. Inevitably, a search will return 95 percent irrelevant results, or nothing at all of any value. I contacted Oracle after being extremely exasperated during tracking down an issue, and told them to type a search phrase in their Metalink Search tool, and then type the same search phrase in Google Groups or Google, and look closely at the difference. The difference is about 10 years in search technology. Oracle must use Context or some other in-house search engine, since I am sure all their documentation resides in their databases. If their documentation lived outside the databases, I'd recommend they license google, but as it is, it appears they are stuck with what they have. Can you imagine how useful Metalink would be if it had Google's search engine? Oracle said they'd "review the issue".

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    Yea they just overhauled the site recently with htmldb/application express, so I was wondering if they were planning on overhauling the search too? I have never liked that site personally. The documentation is all there, so obviously its good in some respects, but finding it can be difficult without a doc id.
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    More like Flintstone technology!

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    Amen, brother!

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