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    Unanswered: Lookup table wizzard set up

    Bear with me I am fairly new to building lookup tables in access.

    I have created an asset tracking database to track software products, users, servers and the configuration management of these assets.

    Software Assets and Hardware Assets are the Parent tables that have relationships to (vendortable, hardware models, employee, operating systems, softwareproducts) All of these tables have the makes/models/info I need.
    I just need to find the best way to enforce data integrity to link users to license keys and serial numbers) I don't want the end user of the database to be able to link an IBM web server model "X336" to the "microsoft" vendor.

    How do I setup a form to pick a vendor - only the products for that vendor are listed - from there only the versions of that product are available.

    Example Vendor Selection - Microsoft - Products displayed are Office - Exchange - Visio.
    Product Selection is Office - then only versions of office is displayed.

    Can someone help me with some search text for office online or send a link to a tutorial for office online. I have had no luck searching.

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    Talking try this

    here is an example of what you are talking about
    try it
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    Thanks for the post. I have seen this and I have based some of the schema and forms off of it already....

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