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    Unanswered: disabling items in a combobox

    how can i disable items in a listbox?

    how can i do this in a button click event?
    that when i click the button some items in the combo box will be disabled/or cannot be clicked?
    if i have this items
    red and blue
    how can i disable yellow alone?

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    If you're thinking of using the controls that are provided with Access then you're out of luck. You will need to find a third-party control to do this or create your own. Do a search for VBAccelerator Controls. They may have what you need.

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    As Cyberlynx says what you are trying to do isn't part of standard access functionality. The most effective way to do that is too only have the available choices int he combo / list box (invovles eoithjer a requery or alteration to the row source on each cnage

    another option is to use radio buttons (however these only work effectively if there are few choices (say no more than 10..20, preferably less)

    another option is to check on each clikc of the list / combo box whetehr that choice is valid for that item.
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    If you provide more details about what you are trying to do then I am sure someone will be able to give more help. If the choices are not valid then why would you want to display them?

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