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    Question Unanswered: the rows with max Val_1 for each Name (was "SQL Querry help")

    I have table like this (Using SQL Server) :


    ID Name Val_1 Val_2
    1 A 10 adf
    2 B 12 dasfasd
    3 C 5 fgsdfg
    4 A 21 dsfg
    5 C 13 sdbs

    I want to result a table showing all col with max value in Val_1 for each Name. i.e.

    ID Name Val_1 Val_2
    2 B 12 dasfasd
    4 A 21 dsfg
    5 C 13 sdbs

    I can only think of this SQL:

    SELECT * FROM TempTbl t1, (SELECT Name, max(val_1) FROM TempTbl Group By Name) t2
    WHERE t1.Name = t2.Name AND t1.Val_1 = t2.Val_1

    I would like to ask is there any better way for searching this result rather than
    joinning the itself twice (becuase the TempTbl is very big).

    Many Thanks.!!!!

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    select * 
      from TempTbl as T
     where Val_1
         = ( select max(Val_1) 
               from TempTbl 
              where Name = T.Name ) | @rudydotca
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