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    Unanswered: How to find informix is installed on a machine

    Hi all,

    How can we say informix is installed on a machine?
    (tell me all the possibilities)
    what are the background processes/ instances running?
    for ex: PMON,SMON proceses for Oracle

    Thanks in advance,

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    I think you can use this command:
    ps -ef | grep informix

    If Informix had run, it display.

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    You would definitely need a valid userID called "informix".

    You could also list the environment variables and see if you have variables called INFORMIXDIR (home directory for Informix) or INFORMIXSERVER (name of the Informix server) or ONCONFIG (name of the configuration file that Informix will use as directed by the INFORMIXDIR variable) defined.

    If you have these variables defined you can find out which version of Informix connectivity software you have by issueing these commands from a UNIX/AIX/HPUX command line: check_version conn
    check_version csdk

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    ps -ef | grep oninit

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