Job ID 425

Job Title Project Leader (or Senior Software Engineer)

Position Type Full Time

Position Summary
Lead the architecture, design, and development of software systems.

Drive the analysis and design of software systems; help shape system requirements, and develop analysis-level documents that reflect the requirements.
Maintain system and design documentation, and prepare materials for project reviews.
Set team policy on source code management, builds, and releases.
Actively create, refine, and evangelize technical standards for the department.
Serve as points of contact between not only clients, but also between other groups within IT, such as the UNIX, DBA, and Security Office Systems groups.
Strong understanding of all aspects of corporate software development; strong client, server, database, and reporting skills.
Ideal candidate would be a generalist, able to be flexible in roles yet with an in-depth knowledge of J2EE applications used for complex problem domains.
Full understanding of systems composed of multiple related applications, from both software and business perspectives.
Must be able to weigh business and technical requirements to produce project plans and estimates.
Business and negotiation skills to work with clients and business analysts to determine what features the project team will deliver, given constraints of staff, time, and quality.
Strong understanding of standard software development lifecycle methodologies.
Software development ability, experience, speed, and quality.
Ability to lead complex tasks, such as partitioning an application across tiers, establishing transaction boundaries, and selecting integration technologies like message passing and directory services.

Core Technology/Experience Requirements
WebLogic (4 years)
JSP or Swing (3 years)
Ant/Ant Maker (some experience)
CVS (2 years)
IDE (4 years)
Rose or some UML tool (4 years)
SQL (3-4 years)
Entity relationship modeling (2 years)
Managing team size of 5> for complex data/behavioral projects (2 years)

Compensation & Benefits
Competitive starting salary ($100 - $130K depending on experience and qualifications) plus a semi-annual IT bonus that ranges 5 15% but the average has been 10% or slightly higher. This bonus is performance-based, project specific, and market dependent. Of course there is also the annual merit increase that ranges 4-5% annually, which is performance-based.
Relocation assistance seriously considered for exceptionally qualified applicants. Visa sponsorships not currently available.

Note the IT turnover rate is extremely low with this client, and they are very picky about who they hire. They look for someone who is smart and articulate in addition to having the appropriate technical background with critical thinking skills who know and can explain why they did something a particular way.

Benefits include medical, dental, flexible spending account, transportation reimbursement account, employee assistance program, life insurance, disability benefits and long-term care - - effective on date employment commences.

Also, a savings plan (effective after 3 months of service), and a pension plan (after 1 year of service). Details on request.

Contact Daniel Barber at or 610-847-2143