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    Newbie from Australia

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a novice when it comes to Access. I have never had any formal training, and what I have managed to work out has been on the job (usually through helpful forums like this)

    I always end up inheriting databases from people who have left, and then I have to figure out how they have set everything up.

    So, I appreciate LOTS of information that the rest of you may take for granted.

    On the personal side... I live in Darwin, Australia, work for a great organisation called The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and love to sing.

    See you in there!


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    Welcome TopEndGecko from Darwin. "Flat out drinking" comes to mind! Fazza

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    Greetings Bronwyn!

    Several thousand years ago, when I was a teenager, I knew a lovely young lady named Bronwyn. I don't think I've seen another since then, but its great to meet you.

    I don't sing... I'm pretty sure that it is explicitly prohibited by the Geneva convention, and probably considered some kind of atrocity. I know that it is frowned upon by the ASPCA.


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