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    Unanswered: After run oninit, what I do next

    Hi everybody,
    After I run oninit and I saw everything sucessfull. What do I do to ensure that Informix starting?.
    I run dbaccessdemo but it have error: infxmsg : Not found. What happen??

    What can i do??
    Please help me fix it. Thank a lot.

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    To ensure that Informix is running, use:
    onstat -

    It should show something similar to following:
    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.40.FC4 -- On-Line -- Up 394 days 11:16:30 -- 575456 Kbytes

    If it shows something like shared memory not initialized, then it means informix is down.

    Attach the copy of message log file and also paste the error when you try to create stores databases.



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    I use Informix on HP-UX so I can't use onstat. Do you know the other command?
    But now, I reinit Informix again then having error: "oninit: Fatal error in share memory creation". What wrong?

    In log file:
    17:54:32 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Started.
    17:54:32 shmget: [EEXIST][17]: key 52744801: shared memory already exists
    17:54:32 mt_shm_init: can't create resident segment

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