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    Unanswered: SQL Loader:Dealing with Newline character

    I am trying to load a very large file from a program into SQL Loader and then Oracle. The problem with my source file is that certain lines go over on to then next line and it is tripping up my SQL Loader script. I am basically getting some records that processing correctly and some which are not.

    When I look at the source ASCII file within a Ultraedit's Hexidecimal mode, I see to HEX values that are 0D and 0A, which are ACII 10 and ASCII 13.
    I know that ASCII 13 is a hard carriage return but what is ASCII 10?

    One other point I want to raise is that my source program allows me to export to a file with a carriage return delimitter, which I chose as ASCII 13.

    The problem is that when I look at a record within ULTRA EDIT, the record is seen as two lines within ULTRAEDIT even though there is a hard carraige return as the end of line delimitter.

    Could someone please help?

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    13 & 10 are carriage return and linefeed. On unix systems LF seperates all lines in a document. On windows machines, the combination of CR & LF terminate a line.
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    SQL Loader 404

    I am working on a PC based environment and I am trying to load a file into Oracle by using SQL Loader. My problem is that some records are loading and some aren't. I am getting an error of 404 from SQL Loader. When I google this error, it notes that my source file may have some non-Hex data in it.

    I have Utlraedit in my office. How would I strip out the non-Hex data that may be generated by another environment. Is there a way of doing this in Ultra -edit?


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