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    Performance issue on large Data Table Design

    We have a Consumer_Data Table which contains quite a lot of columns
    like Name, phone, Mobileno, address, city, state, hobbies, birthday, CompanyName, CompanyPhone... etc.

    Over the years we have over millions of data and queries run on this Consumer_Data table begin to take long time, especially for some very complex one.

    Current table has indexes or so to help on some frequent run query.

    Now I'm thinking of re-do the Table structure that will increase the overall query performance and would like to get some suggestions.

    Please share some thoughts and much appreciated.

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    Presumably you don't have millions of rows in your Consumer_Data table, since it is one row per person and I assume you don't serve that many people? And I don't see many columns either - how many are there in fact? So maybe your problems come from somewhere else - it's impossible to say based on the information we have. It could just be you are missing a required index, or that your optimiser needs up-to-date statistics that haven't been gathered.

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    And, what is the database type?
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