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    Unanswered: Text Font control options in the form


    I was wondering if it is possible to add some font editing tools in my form, so when entering text in textbox, i could change font size, font type, make it bold or underline at the same time i fill that form.

    Actually i should see those changes on my report, cause thats most important....when i print my page.

    Is it possible at all? Or the only way is to go to desing view and change it there....?

    Thank you

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    I think you could probably use an ActiveX Richtextbox Control to give you some of those capabilities, but changing font sizes, setting text to bold and so on could really mess up your control of the formatting of your reports! Better to do as you say and format the sections of your reports in design view.
    Hope this helps!

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    A potential issue with tinkering with fonts is that you need to make sure that the fonts you select are available on all pc's using that application. If you choose a font which is not part of the satndard windows installation then it can lead to very odd thingts happening with your applciation.

    Personally, unless you have a really realy good reason (such as the MD insists on it) I'd leave all things like fonts colour choices absolutley standard. If a user wants to tinker with their settings thats fine. In some circumstances chagning fonts and form colours can make you application seem less credible. If a user / customer sees things they expect presenterd int he way they expect then it helps 'selling' the app.

    but as ever its your choice, your application.
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    I see. Thanks.

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