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    Unanswered: MS Access Reports - how to duplicate items


    I have one query (from a table in the same file) that results me:
    Part Number Name Invoice Quantity
    123 XXX a1 1
    456 YYY a1 3
    789 ZZZ a1 5

    With this query, I would like to make a report in order to print production orders.
    But the problem I have is:
    I only can have one unity for each page of production orde, so:

    For product "123" I need only one order
    For product "456" I need to print it 3 times
    For product "789" I need to print 5 times.

    How can I inform the report that I need to repeat the printing?


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    Neat scenario...

    I would probably throw a function a module that would

    1. Create a dataset with all the products and the number of orders
    2. Iterate through each row and print your report as many times as needed for the current order, passing in product number as a parameter
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Hello Teddy

    Sorry but my knowledge in Access is not very Good. As consequence I did not understand very weel what you said.

    Can you please ilustrate more your advice?


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