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    Unanswered: Object linking in Access 2003

    Hello all,

    Hoping someone can give this rookie some assistance with Access 2003. I'm brand new to access and have come to a stopping point.

    I'm trying to build a database of my AutoCAD drawings and the router tools used to build my product line. I want to be able to link directly to the AutoCAD file and a PDF file in my database. That way I can find a particular drawing crossreferenced with given info. I want to be able to click on an icon and open the actual AutoCAD drawing file and make changes to it. I thought I had this idea licked, but for some reason it's not working the way I want.

    Here's what I've done so far. So hopefully one of you Access geniuses out there can help me (I'm not above begging!) I've set up a column in an Access table and have the properties set to be an OLE object. I insert the AutoCAD file into that column. I select "create from file" and browse to locate the file on my harddrive. I've also selected the "link" and "display as Icon" options that way the actual drawing doesn't show up, only the Icon. It shows up with a Label of "AutoCAD LT.Drawing.17", however the file name is D-00001.dwg.

    I then created a form to then take this information and place the AutoCAD DWG file Icon in it and allow it to be double clicked and open the file. When I double click this icon, it opens the file in AutoCAD as normal. I then make some changes to this DWG file and save it. Now here's where my problem lies. Once I've closed that file in AutoCAD and go back to my Access form and try go to the next record in that form, I get the following error message.

    "Microsoft Office Access can't save your changes to the bound OLE object. Either you don't have permission to write to the record in which the object is stored, or the record is locked by another user. Copy the object to the Clipboard, click Undo Current Record on the Edit Menu. Then open the application you used to create the object, past the object from the Clipboard, and save it."

    I click ok, and go and do what that error message says and then I can get to the next record. Any ideas on how to get around having to "undo" every time?

    I'm completely stumped, and I appreciate any advice you might be able to give me. I hope I didn't give you too much information to read through, just wanted to make sure you knew what I did to get to this point.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No idea why, but I fixed my error

    Just an update for anyone curious about this. I just built a new form the exact same way I built the original one I asked about in this forum and it doesn't reproduce the results I'm talked about in that post. The new form doesn't get any error messages at all now, which makes me happy. Talk about perplexing, can't reproduce the problem and MS's website doesn't offer any advice either. Thx for reading.

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