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    Unanswered: Linking to database on FTP site

    We have a database that is accessed through an FTP site. This is our current procedure for ensuring data integrity:

    * Open FTP site
    * Rename database to something with your initials in it
    * Open the database for editing
    * Close database and rename the database back to original name.
    * If you enter the FTP site and see someone's initials on the database, you can open it to read but (on your honor) you can not make changes.

    I'm sure you can see why this drives me nuts. SO my question to those who are smarter than I is: can you link to tables in a database that resides in a [assword protested FTP site? If so, how?

    I thought about using ASP but not real sure that my company will go for this.

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    Access cannot be opened remotely on ftp or http servers - only on a lan-based file server.

    One approach might be to install MSDE on the server, which CAN be accessed remotely.
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