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    ODBS questions ???

    Hello everybody.I am trying to make an application that uses an ODBC driver to connect to a database of a few related tables.
    My questions:
    a)Can I embed the odbc driver to the installation programm so that the user wont have to connect to the database?
    b)If I create the related tables in the DBMS but without any records(only the pattern of the database) will the user be able to add and delete his/her own through the connected application?
    c)Will I be able to create shophisticated queries only by using the MFC Classes(CRecordset) to manipulate the data?
    d)Are there any alternatives except the ODBC and DAO?

    Please correct me if I have understood somethoig wrong...

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    a) Yes, you can embedd drivers in an application installation, but I doubt that you'll need to do that in this case.

    b) Only you as a developer can answer this question, but 99% or more of the time, yes.

    c) You can create and use sophisticated queries using only the MFC classes.

    d) Yes, there are many alternatives to DAO/ODBC. I don't really think you'll need them, but they certainly exist.


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