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    Unanswered: entering data into a form issues

    So lets say i'm an absolute noob to Access and a noob to databases overall. I am trying to make a small relational database and i am having a few problems. I have made some forms and some work fine, by that i mean that i can just enter data into the form no worries. However, some forms i have made won't let me won't let me enter data in every field, the cursor will flash in there but i cant type anything at all in... Has anyone got any ideas to what i have done wrong? Also i want to have a switchboard which i will make through the switchboard manager, I can make the swithchboard but i'm having trouble getting it to open when i open the database. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for helping a newbie out

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    What is the data source for the form?

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    More than likely, the source for the form is a query and it is not updateable. I you have two or more tables in a query, the results may not be updateable. What that means is once you have combined the data, Access does not know which table to update when you make changes to the query results.

    To fix the problem (some queries can never be updatebale) if it is possible is to make sure you have Primary Keys defined in your tables. Also set up Relationships between tables. Doing so will help Access know which record to update.

    As far as the Switchboard goes, go to Tools/Startup and select the switchboard form in the Display Form/Page combo box.

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    also ya could have changed the settings to make the field locked as well...make sure it's still unlocked..

    but the DC could be right about the query not being updateable..just have a look through things you'll figure it out and you'll probably kick yourself for it too...

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