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    Database capable of filtering fields by date

    I know nothing about databases or what type does what. I am looking for some kind of program that, as dates are entered, can keep track of them and accordingly put them into the right field. Someway to enter in a date for each subject each time a task is done, then have the system automatically move the subject into the according feild.

    Ex: If someone does a task on 5/20/06, then does not do another task w/in a year from that date, they are automatically moved into an "inactive" folder. Then if they come back and do another task down the road they are moved back into the "active" folder until they become "inactive" again.

    I also need it to not only do this btwn and "inactive" and "active" folder but also continue up the line...

    Ex: If someone does a task every tuesday all year long, the computer needs to not lable them as active but as "active level 4".

    So basically as dates get entered in I need the program to seperate them into fields on the basis of time. ie: needs to be linked to the computers actual time and date.... Could someone please point me in the right direction and give me any ideas on where to look for something like this.

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    Pretty much any of the major database players, and most of the minor ones can track the data you want... The classification of "active" versus "inactive" and determining levels of activity are handled by applications, not databases. That means that you'll need to have an application (often called a program) designed for your needs, but that application can use almost any database engine.


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