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    Unanswered: Pupulate Custom Tool Bar With Report Only


    My db is set to ShiftbyPassKey and HideAccess vba module. So once it is opened you can not move anywhere except closing current object as all the forms and reports are set to PopUp = Yes and Model = Yes.

    My question is how can I populate a small custom made toolbar (printer & page setup icons placed with) only when the report is open ?

    Please advice.

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    Consider putting what ever code you want in the report / forms on open and on close events

    from a design viewpoint it would make sense to do this using a call to a function in a common moduel (so you only write the function once, but make whatever settings that are applciable to a sepcific form / report parameters to the function.

    you may have to add similar calls to other events int he onejects event collection. understandign which events fire off, and when is vital to making good use of Access's object model.
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