I've written a bunch of code using contains for fts. Then as I was trying to run the sorting, I realized that I have to use containstable in order to sort by rank. Is that correct? When I was using contains, I just used it as a where clause so I would have something like...

WHERE ((PostedUntil >= '5/22/2006') AND (SiteId=199)) AND (CONTAINS (PositionTitle, '"sales"') OR CONTAINS (Description, '"sales"'))

From the examples I've seen, in order to use containstable, I have to join a new dynamic table to the freetext enabled table and it only uses 1 containstable phrase for the new table. In my case, I may have multiple containstable phrases. I've tried this, but it gives me an error "by OR", so I'm not sure how else to do it with containstable or if it's even possible.

select top 50 js.JobSeekerId, js.PositionTitle, c.RANK from jobseekerfulltextsearch js inner join (containstable (jobseekerfulltextsearch, PositionTitle, ''"sales"'') OR (containstable(JobSeekerFullTextSearch, CommentsResume, ''"sales"''))) as c on c.[key] = js.ID