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    Question Unanswered: output data to webpage - advise required from IT guru's


    I am trying to find if there is a way to output data from MS Access file or other sort of data files (*.txt, or may be *.xls) to a webpage based on what the user clicks. This shouldn't involve server side programming.

    All the files will be hosted on a webserver on which i don't have any control.
    I have been creating static pages with some Javascript, i.e hundreds of lines of code. So when a user clicks on a link the content of the pop up window changes appropriately. This works fine but there should be a better way to do this.

    i will possibly have 700+ links (national map - state map - links for various locations within the state). I should be able to give html, images, and a db files. Is there a way to keep this simple, and yet do this without server side programming languages (No ASP, JSP, PHP, ..etc)

    Suggestions are appreciated.



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    if you are excludign server side scripting then its not going to be easy.

    how dynamic is the information (ie hoe frequently does it change - if you need to have the most recent information) then you almost certainly need to go down some form of server technology

    you could fake it using access to generate you HTML pages, and write thise pages to you web server root (or better FTP em). Its not a techniques I'd reccomend but if server side scritping isn't on then its probably the only show in town

    in all honesty there is nothingparticularly complicated or demanding in writing server side scripting. It would especailly make sense if in effedct you are making a content management system, which is what it seems you are doing. In all the years I have been developing applications it never ceaases to amaze me the different ways users want to see data portrayed, amn astute well designed web interface can give your users lots of buttons and selections to allow them to slice and dice the data as required and to hel them fill their empty days....

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    thanks for the quick response.

    "how dynamic is the information ?"
    The data doesn't have to be changed often. At the most twice a year.
    My thought is, if the data is in a db then it will be easy to maintain and manage it. I will have 700 + links with may be 8-12 fields of information. I am not expecting lot of options for the users. Will keep it simple, click on a dot (location) and it should open up 8-12 fields of information related to that dot. Can be pop if script is the best option else will be a page (i.e 700+ pages or files)with that info. 700+ pages or files certainly doesn't seem the best option but atleast that could be automatically generated reducing the manual editing part.

    Generating html pages with access - i am not sure how it would treat the hotlinks on the map.

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    ASP.NET is the easiest to learn, and yet an extremely powerful Server Side technology for the Windows platform.
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