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    Hi, I am fairly new to Access and have just finished creating a database for my section of coworkers. The db is a communications log we use to effectively pass info from one person to the next. I want them to be able to use a drop down list box to select a date in preferably this-Tuesday, May 23,2005-format that will pull all of the entries from the table in a report format. However, I need for the list to be populated automatically as the days go by. So that when tomorrow hits, for example, tomorrow's date will be in the drop down list. I am using Access 2000 file format. Currently, I have it set up so that a dialog box pops up when you click on the command button for a date search and prompts you to enter the date. It is not set for any particular format so the user is free to use any format. Please help. This database will makes it second debut, I can't stop making changes, next week. Thank you very much for your time.

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    Do you need a sliding window of dates? Or what is the time frame of available dates to select from? As to your presentation issue: the comobox need have 2 columns, 1 for the displayed "pretty" date and the other hideen for the date used for querying ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    I'm not sure what you mean by sliding. But here is what I'm looking for. A command button on a form that opens up a dialog box with a drop down list box of all of the dates possible. So say that the comms log was started on the 5th of last month, all of the dates between then and now would be in the drop down box. So if I were to set it up today, I would start with today's date and then the list would automatically be populated, somehow, with the dates that follow. Please be as detailed as you can with the steps. I really appreciate the response and your help.

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    You could also do a query that would show the dates from any that you choose to enter in the critera.

    i.e. Placing this information under a date field for criteria in the query:
    >=[please enter start date of IR search] And <=[please enter ending date]

    This will bring up all the records within the date criteria that you specify.

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    I thought of doing that but I don't want my users to have to sit and figure out what dates they need and then type them. Because, see, say they come in Monday morning and want to see what happened on Saturday and Sunday. They could just select the date from the drop down and click ok and it would pull all of the entries for that date. I'm pretty new at it so if you could be detailed in your explanation, if you have one, please do so. thanks a lot for your response.

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    I'm presuming you have a "date Entered" field in your main forms?

    How about, creating a query that groups all your entered Dates?

    to do this;

    Create a new query in deisgn mode > add the table with the records you have the date field in > drag the date field into the query > Click the sigma button (a backwards 'E') > in the new row, select group by.

    Close & save query.

    Now create a new form...

    Add in a list box, and select the list box to run from the query just created.

    Add in a button to link to the form with wish to open based on the date that will be selected. (Choose for the wizard to display specifi data only) and match up the two date fields.

    This will display a form with a list of dates,
    A user can highlight a date and click a button,
    Another form will open and only display records that match that date.

    formatting the text and date fields is a different issue. However, I'm sure it is possible to format them in a query or somewhere so that it is shown how you desire.

    Does this help?

    sometimes simple is best.... and i'm just a simple fellow.

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