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    Talking vpn(xvnc) terminated after closed the vnc

    Hi All,

    I run into a problem, i closed the vnc viewer for couple hrs later
    when i restarted the vincviewer (TightVNC) I got a grey screen with a big black X in it I can't do anything about it, then i need to (go back to my desktop which is one hr drive, not to said when i was in Taiwan that is 13 hrs fly , ) kill my vnc server, restart an new one, then angain ...

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.


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    out on a limb
    Hi Jim, and welcome to the forum

    its possible that you may just get lucky and find someone with the relevant experience on your problem. However I wouldn't hold your breath. The guys on this forum are primarily db sepecialists. It would probably make more sense to ask this question on a more suitable forum, or possibly ask you suppliers help desk.
    I'd rather be riding on the Tiger 800 or the Norton

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    Q. Why does the VPN Client disconnect after 30 minutes? Can I extend
    this time period?

    A. If there is no communication activity on a user connection
    this 30-minute period, the system terminates the connection. The
    idle timeout setting is 30 minutes, with a minimum allowed value of 1
    minute and a maximum allowed value of 2,147,483,647 minutes (more than
    4,000 years).

    Select Configuration > User Management > Groups and choose the
    appropriate group name to modify the idle timeout setting. Select
    Group, go to the HW Client tab, and type the desired value in the User
    Idle Timeout field. Type 0 to disable timeout and allow an unlimited
    idle period.

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