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    Do you play Neopets? It's a brilliant website where users can interact and have fun for free. You own a virtual pet and have to pay for its upkeep by buying it toys, food and other items to improve it.

    To do this, you play games to earn neopoints, the Neopets currency. All the games are versions of popular games (only featuring Neopets characters) and once you have items, you can then trade them in your own shop with other users.

    But best of all, it's all free. There's no annoying pop-up adware or spyware, Neopets is completely free, supported by sponsored games, google ads and the sales from the Neopets line of merchandise and TCG.

    You might think it's silly or childish, but Neopets actually requires a lot of strategy - it was originally targetted at people aged between 17-25 and it shows, because although it's suitable for kids to play, the games and activities actually take a lot more effort and thought processes above the levels of kids.

    So to me, a great place to hang out, make friends, amuse yourself with engaging online games - Neopets has it all... check it out now!

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    People still play neopets? Even my kids think that site is lame now.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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