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    Unanswered: HA advise

    I am a bit new to the high availability options with oracle implementations. We are trying to implement Oracle 10g for an application in a HA configuration and i wanted to know if my understanding of this is correct.
    If we used a RAC configuration on our primary site and used data guard to do our replication to say another RAC or non RAC database on another site for a standby database then we do not need to use any SAN mirroring or 3rd party replication tools?
    We were also looking at Veritas Cluster Server and Storage Foundation for RAC. The questions I have with this are
    If we use ASM then do we need Storage foundation for RAC? ASM can also mirror the data?
    Also if we use RAC on primary and standy sites with dataguard for failover what advantage does Vertias Cluster Server provide?

    Just want to know what options are available and any suggestions as to what is the best route to take. Any advise from any of the experienced users that read these forums is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I forgot to ask before... if we use Grid in 10g is it similar to using Veritas Cluster Server? As in we need only one or the other. Thanks.

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