Hello all!

Just a note to say hello. I'm Jim from Western NY.

I have a question and I'm not sure which forum to post it in and I don't want to break any protocol, so if you can tell me where to post it, I'll comply --

Here's my question:

I am wanting to develop a macro for excel which will read
(from a worksheet) a list of hyperlinks to pdf, .doc, and .xls files and
print them using the appropriate application (acrobat, word, excel).

Theoretically, I know I would
have to use some kind of for-next and/or case structure but I don't know how
to implement it. Someone has helped me get started, but the code I have (predictably) only works for Word documents:

Sub PrintDocuments()
'Must set a reference (Tools | References) to:
' Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library
'11.0 = 2003, 10.0 = 2002 (XP), 9.0 = 2000, etc.
Dim WDApp As Word.Application, WDDoc As Word.Document
Dim c As Range, rngFiles As Range
Set rngFiles = Range("A2", Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp))
Set WDApp = New Word.Application
WDApp.Visible = True
For Each c In rngFiles
        Set WDDoc = WDApp.Documents.Open(c.Value)
        WDDoc.PrintOut copies:=1
        WDDoc.Close False
        Set WDDoc = Nothing
Next c
WDApp.Quit False
Set WDApp = Nothing
End Sub
And here is a sample of the file list, which will change in contents and
number of elements:

C:\Project Books\Templates\Clearance Sheets\BrgThrust&JournalClr.doc
C:\Project Books\Templates\Clearance Sheets\BrgThrust.doc
C:\Project Books\Templates\Clearance Sheets\BrgThrustPadInsp.pdf
C:\Project Books\Templates\Clearance Sheets\RotorAxialPosition.xls
C:\Project Books\Templates\Clearance Sheets\RotorAxPosThrustClr.doc

I initially was going to post in the acrobat automation with vba forum, but there are multiple issues at play here. Where should I post?

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.