Hi all

I'm getting all because I can't recall the name of some very specialized database server manufacturer and I promissed a friend of mine I would tell him which one it was.

I stumbled across it somewhere on the web 2 years ago. It's a .com domain, it's a sort of Italian sounding name of the company if I am correctly recalling, and they claim they make very specialized database servers (the hardware, that is), which, with (again, if I recall correctly) it's own operating system that, for this very reason, is much faster than "your average" machine.

I know I have a flyer of it somewhere on one of my external disks, but I've searched for more than 6 hours now ( ) and I just can't find it.

Would anybody happen to know what I am referring to? I'm in dept to the person that helps my leaky memory

Thank you in advance for your help and take care all,