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    Unanswered: mysqldump access denied

    I am trying to get Mysqldump to work on a Mysql database for a new customer I have inherited. I am not too familiar with MySQL, but I do know their whole organization hinges on this one database and it is not gettting backed up. It is running in a Windows 2000 Server environment.

    From the c:\mysql\bin fold I ran the following command:

    mysqldump --opt -u 2005golfit@localhost -p "golfit 2005" > backup.s

    When I was prompted for the password I entered the password from the Navicat 'Manage Users' where the access for all the users is defined.

    I get returned the following error:

    mysqldump: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user: '2005golfit@localhost@localhost' (Using password: YES) when trying to connect

    Would the configuration file have the right user / password for this command and where would I find the config file?

    Can I use Mysqldump while the mysql-max-nt service is still running?

    One other question that might me related to this error, can I get mysqldump to work in I come in remotely to Windows 2000 Server using Terminal Server? It just occured to me that when I start a second session on Windows 2000 Server, that does not mean another instance of mysql-max-nt starts, correct?

    Thanks for any assisatnce.
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