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    Unanswered: Any truth to this, mysqldump?

    I am trying to get a backup strategy in place for my customer. Here is what the software developer said about their software that uses MySQL 4.xx running on Windows Server 2000.

    Is this true? I do not see how this is possible.

    What we have learned with MySQL is you do not need to run a special backup to backup MySQL databases. The contents of c:\mysql\data (or if the MySQL engine is physically located in another location, the \data folder within that MySQL folder) can be backed up at any times, as the files open and close per request. If you have a scheduled tape backup, include this folder in the backup. If needed to recall this information, all we need are the entire contents of this folder, and you are back up and running, instantly.

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    Well, if you can be sure that all file operations are atomic and that ... uhh, no. Why it doesn't work is rather obvious: say you have a file that you open for reading, which is required for copying. After 100 MB, MySQL then opens this file and write some stuff at both ends of it, at 1 MB and 500 MB. Will the change at around 1 MB be present in the backup? What if both modifications are needed for the file to be considered consistent?

    Short answer: oh god, no.

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