I would like to inform you all that I have been looking for more Designers, to help out with webtemplates, coding, logo design, and other professional designs. I belong to a very well known company, and reputation could be hurt if you are not quailified enough. So in order to make sure that will not happen I will be giving you a full list of guidelines, to hopefully get the job with.

Here is the list for Flash template design/coding:
1. Must have at lease 4 months experience, or show a good bit of knowledge, for the program.
2. Must be willing to make deadlines, and devote a good bit of time to the designs. (We are professional grade)
3. Must get along with the other designers, and company managers.
4. You will be making a good bit of money, IF you can produce income for our company.

Templates in photoshop
Same rules as above, may be required to code in HTML, CSS, or other coding programs.
Selling price is up to the designer, commisions on sales are not alot

Other Professional Grade Designs
Banner ads,
Environmental Graphic Design,
Post layouts,

All rules are required for these too.

If you would like to try-out for the company title, then please contact me via email or PM. Make sure to have a portfolio setup, or an online application. Basic understandings, of what this job means for you, would also be acceptable.


PS- WILL PAY HIGH DOLLARS, MUST EMAIL ME AT trussell@staticvision.net