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    Unanswered: connection problems


    I am doing a bit of troubleshooting on a problem sql server installation and I am trying to rule out possible causes.

    A few times over the last few weeks our users have had problems connecting to an application with a sql server 2000 back-end. They are receiving a message stating -2147467259 Fatal error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER] [DBNETLIB] General network error. Check your network documentation. 0. This is solved by a reboot of the server.

    Roughly the same time as the error began happening we installed a copy of sql server onto someones machine that has nothing to do with the problem application or the data - it has its own data file that it points to locally on the machine and no associated application. There are also no instances pointing to the server. The machine is on the network however and has access to the main server.

    I did not think this could cause the problem since it has nothing to do do with the server install and it is essentially a local sql server installation but I have a little doubt, as if you click on the service manager on the local machine, along with showing that the local install is running, when you click on the server arrow, there is a reference to the server install in there stating that the service is running. Is it possible that when this user shuts down their machine, it is somehow stopping the service on the server? There is no evidence of this on the server but by the time we are in, the user has always been using their machine.

    I have had no problems installing local copies of sql server elsewhere but could this be something to do with the way the network is set up at this particular company that this local copy is actually controlling the server machine and when shutting it down the services are being stopped - please note however that all services state they are running on the server although I have now uninstalled the local copy just incase so I cannot check if they are running when this machine is shut down so i am hoping someone here can rule this out for me.

    I guess my question is - could this local install of sql server be conflicting with the server? Is this normal for all servers on the network to be displayed in the sql server service manager list? Surely there is no problem having a seperate install of sql server on a machine on the network that acts independantly? As I have siad, it is just the fact that the server is in the service manager list on the local machine, that is causing a doubt. At my last company, we all had our own installs with world online and then even had instances pointing to a central server and no problems such as this so I may know the answer here already - just cant remember if the central server came up on everyones local service manager, I think it might have but only certain people had the ability to end processes on the server from their local machine!

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    Could this install be conflicting with the server install by shutting down the local machine?

    Any advice on having other sql server installs on networked machines would be greatly appreciated.

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