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    Unanswered: Lock error in applications.

    Hi All,
    I am having a java application (running in WebLogic application server),
    I am frequently getting the -910 lock error in my application.

    I migrated from DB2 8.1.5 to 8.1.11 (by applying fix pack.)

    I was not getting this error when the application was running in fix pack 5.

    As far as I know the jdbc driver for java appications are given by the DB2,
    so what possible caus can be their for this problem?


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    If you see the IBM Message reference for this particular error, you will see 4 different suggestions. Please verify whether you are missing anything among them: In case you find difficulty in finding the response in the message reference I am pasting them below:

    For error -910 the possible solutions are:

    1>Modify the application program so there is no attempt to access
    an object within the same unit of work in which the modification
    was made. In general, it is better to isolate Data Definition
    Language (DDL) statements in a different unit of work than Data
    Manipulation Language (DML) statements that access the same

    2> The unit of work must be committed or rolled back before the
    statement that failed can be processed successfully. If the
    committed modification caused an object to be dropped, then the
    object may have to be recreated in order for the failing SQL
    statement to be processed successfully.

    3>If the object is modified within a SAVEPOINT, modify the
    application program so that it does not attempt to access the
    object after the application issues a ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT
    statement. Any cursor that accesses the modified object and is
    open at the time of the ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT will not be
    accessible. Modify the application so that it closes the

    4>If an insert, delete or update statement involving a NOT LOGGED
    declared temporary table fails, then all rows in that table are
    deleted. Any cursor that is open against that declared temporary
    table at the time of the failure will not be accessible and
    should be closed by the application.

    Jayanta Datta
    New Delhi, India.

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