I am new here, but I can see this seems to be the right place to look for what I need.

I am the owner of a fast growing video picture animation website . The site is still in the process of being upgraded. What I am looking for is to add a weekly cartoon in flash to the funny section of my website. I want a Funny Character like you see on Ice Age Sid the Sloth .. I want weekly cartoons and interactive flashes similar to www.joecartoon.com ..

If this is something you are interested in, please let me know. I will be happy to discuss details with you.

You can also email me at sculotta@skycom1.com

I want to get started on this ASAP.. So when you email me, please include a porfolio and ideas on how you would want to get thsi project rolling.

*** THIS is going to be a long term job. So if you cant make a long term commitement, then please dont apply..

First of all let me clear a few points up

A animation a week.. That was just an example.. Its not a time rushed job.. We can work out a release schedule.. Every 2 weeks..

Length.. Nothing to long.. Short funny animations will work

Pay.. That is up for negotiation.. Reasonable requests will be entertained. This is a long term project and I want someone I can work with for many many months to come..

Now I have had alot of response for this job, so I am going to hold a simple contest.

Rules :


Just make the Sloth character in a few second animation with a one sentence saying with it..

The best animation who is reasonably priced will be choosen for a steady job for many months to come..

Now the sloth :

Example : Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age

I want him funny and dorky looking. I want him to have kinda buck teeth, Thick Glasses and a neck tie.. I want him to have a dumb country ascent for a voice..

Remember I need someone with a sense of humor.. Someone to help me come up with funny ideas for skits and interactive flashes.. Remember the base for this is to be like www.joecartoon.com ..

If you are interested let me know.. All entries will be accepted and we can even do a vote of some sort for the winner