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    Unanswered: Symbol not known in bcp, error 2403.


    I'm an Oracle DBA doing a conversion of a database from Sybase to Oracle.
    When doing bcp's of my tables, several tables have the following error:

    WARNING! Some character(s) could not be converted into client's character set. Unconverted bytes were changed to question marks ('?').

    Via queries I've found out that the symbol not known by sybase is . Via some google-searches I've found that my default charset is iso_1, can anyone tell me how I can find a charset which I can use (installed on the server)? I've tried bcp and isql with the -J option but each time the system says the charset is unknown, although there are a lot of directories in the sybase\charsets-directory.



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    If you run sp_helpsort on the server (i.e. in an isql session connected to the database server) you should see what the sort order and charsets are.

    You should then be able to use the -J option to bcp to get the correct data out.


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